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Lateral Thinking

Nope, "lateral thinking" isn't about thinking whilst you lie down :), it's about thinking differently... thinking out-of-the-box. Check out the example below:

Question: A race car traveling at 100 kmph is 500 m away from the finish line. However, it has limited fuel and the engine will automatically shut after 480 m. What does the driver need to do to cross the finish line?

Answer: The driver doesn't need to do anything special. A car which is traveling at 100 kmph when the engine shuts down will go much beyond 20 m on its own due to its momentum.

To solve the above puzzle one needed to apply common sense more than logic or math. Hence the term "lateral thinking" is used to describe this kind of a puzzle. In this test you shall find more of these puzzles. They will test your common sense, creativity and your ability to think out-of-the-box.

Total Questions:5
Time Allowed:Test is not timed.

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