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The Complete Aptitude Test

What is Aptitude?

Aptitude is defined as the capability to perform a certain type of task. Aptitudes are not mutually exclusive, i.e. having a high aptitude in one task does not necessarily mean low aptitudes for other types of tasks. They are not necessarily correlated either -- for example, if a person is good with logic, it doesn't always mean that they will also be good at visualization.

Aptitude vs IQ

One of the most common questions that people have is "how is Aptitude different from IQ?" On the face of it, both are quite similar as they both exercise the intellect. The difference however, is in what they tell us. IQ is only an overall or general indication of your intelligence. Aptitude, on the other hand, tells you where your intelligence lies.

This is one of the major reasons why Aptitude Tests are preferred over IQ Tests in recruitment processes. When candidates are hired, they are typically hired to perform a certain job which requires a certain skill set. Hence it's important to test their capabilities in that skill set. For e.g. if you are hiring someone for a research post, then you would be particularly interested in their logical and deductive abilities rather than their overall intelligence.

Aptitude Tests also find great usage in education. When it comes to providing counseling to students on which fields they should opt for, it is an aptitude test which will reveals where their talents and inclinations lie.

How does a typical Aptitude Test report look like?

It is not uncommon to find a person who has done very well on certain skills and done poorly on others. We all probably know someone who is exceptionally smart but has poor road sense. Similarly, there are many who are very good at languages but struggle with basic math. In fact this is probably the case with all of us. Hence most aptitude test reports will show that the person has done very well in certain areas, average in certain other areas and below average in the rest.

Can I improve my scores on an Aptitude Test?

Of course. Remember Aptitude is the ability to perform a task and not the talent you have. And ability, unlike talent, can be improved. Look at it this way - if you had to start out doing push ups, you probably wouldn't be able to do more than 20 in one go. However, if you practice everyday then in time you may manage to do 100. In other words, you have increased your ability to do pushups. Intellect works the same way. If you practice a certain skill set, your ability in that skill set will increase.

How is this Complete Aptitude Test structured?

This test probes 7 different aptitudes by asking you to solve more than one hundred challenging questions grouped together based on the aptitude being analysed. You can get more details about each section as the test progresses.

Total Questions:119
Time Allowed:25 minutes

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