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IQ & Aptitude

The Complete Aptitude Test
The definitive test to tell you where your aptitude lies and what you are good at.

The Complete IQ Test
So whats your IQ? Take this test and find out in 20 mins.

Your Child's Aptitude Test
Test your child's aptitude - your child can be a gifted one.

Test de Quotient Intellectuel
Quel est votre Q.I. ? Faisez ce test et savez en 20 minutes.

The Verbal Reasoning Test
This test calculates how well you reason with words.

The Numerical Reasoning Test
This test assesses how easily you think with numbers.

The Acuity Skills Test
This test assesses how easily you carry out repetitive tasks.

Test of Analytical Skills
This test looks at how well you can draw logical conclusions.

The Perceptual Skills Test
Find out how easily you can reason with symbols and shapes.

The Spatial Skills Test
Find out if you can manipulate shapes and figures in space.

Solve these brainteasers and find out how smart you are.

Lateral Thinking
How good are you at thinking out-of-the-box?

The Technical Skills Test
Find out if you have a 'feel' for mechanical and technical things.


How motivated are you?
The test finds out how inspired you really are.

Are You Able to Control Your Emotions?
The test finds out how well you control your emotions

How Compassionate Are You Towards Others?
This test finds out how sensitive you are to other’s emotions.

How Good Are Your People Skills?
This test finds out how well you interact with others.

How Well Do You Know Yourself?
This test aims at discovering how well you know yourself.

The 5 Factor Personality Test
Personality as per the 5 most telling factors.

Handwriting Analysis
Your handwriting reflects your true personality.

3 Smart Cubes Test: Ultimate Edition
The test that will change your life...literally!


Discover your Career Skills
How well do you know yourself and your abilities?


Caring For Newborn Infants
This test finds out how good are you at caring for newborn infants.

Caring For Toddlers - Part I
This test finds out how good are you at caring for toddlers between 1 & 2 years.

Caring For Toddlers - Part II
This test finds out how good are you at caring for toddlers between 2 & 3 years.

Can you save your Child?
How well will you cope if your child lands in an emergency?

ABC's of Pregnancy
How aware are you of the care to be taken during pregnancy?


Happiness Together
How happy are you in your partnership? Discover it here.

Who is the Stronger Partner?
Find how power is distributed in your partnership.

Unwanted Partner in your Partnership
Has criticism & contempt become the unwanted partners in your partnership?

Zodiac Match Test
Find out which zodiac sign is most compatible with your personality.

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