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Caring For Toddlers - Part II

Questions 1 to 10 of 20

1. Your child seems to be uncomfortable kissing relatives who, in turn, might feel offended or rejected. What is the best way out of this situation?

2. Your 2 year old has a habit of calling you by your name instead of "Mom" or "Dad". What is your reaction?

3. Your child has a habit of whining constantly. How should you deal with it?

4. How do you react when your child says "I hate you"?

5. Your child is disrespectful towards others. How can you change his attitude and teach him to respect others?

6. What should you do when your child refuses to say "please" or "thank you" to someone else?

7. When your child does something wrong, what should you do?

8. Is it wrong for a child to use bathroom words such as "poo poo", "pee pee" and "boobies"?

9. How do you respond when your child uses swear words or profanity?

10. Is it advisable to leave children in someone else's care without saying bye to them?

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