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Who is the Stronger Partner?

Questions 1 to 9 of 27

1. Because of your partnership, would you decline a very attractive job offer if it meant you would have to move to a city far away?

2. Does thinking about your relationship often prevent you from concentrating on other things?

3. Can you imagine yourself living without a partner for some years of your life and being happy?

4. Do you think it makes sense that marriage vows are for life?

5. Do you call your partner during the day just because you miss him or her?

6. Who generally suffers more from a separation or divorce?

7. In your opinion, what is probably the reason why one partner doesn't want to sleep with the other anymore?

8. Do you tell each other how much you love each other?

9. Some psychologists define love as a kind of barter in which one partner says, "You give me your beauty, and I'll give you my status." What do you think of such a view?


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