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1. Is everyone telling you to do something different? Does it seem like you have more than one boss and that it's unclear who you should listen to?

2. Are you working in unsafe conditions (fumes, loud noise, the threat of things falling on your head), or is your office environment depressing? Do you work alone frequently and feel like your office is an isolation tank?

3. Are you in the habit of working "heroic" hours or days in a row without a break?

4. Do you feel stuck in a position with little creative opportunity? Do you feel like you're not challenged or that the tasks involved in your job bore the heck out of you?

5. Do you feel you aren't paid enough (realistically...) or that you don't have much opportunity for advancement?

6. Is your workplace physically uncomfortable? Does your office chair give you backaches? Does your job itself cause you physical pain?

7. Do you feel like you don't have enough time to eat or visit the bathroom during the day? Do you "forget" or "not get a chance" to take your legally-guaranteed breaks?

8. Are you worried about being ushered into the netherworld of the unemployed? Are there lay-offs or other company dynamics that might lead to your being without a job in the foreseeable future?

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