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Ultimate Sex and the City Quiz

Questions 1 to 8 of 15

1. Which celeb guest starred on Sex and the City as Dawn, a woman who made out with Carrie?

2. The name of the bar Steve and Aidan own is

3. What shoe does Carrie discover in the Vogue sample closet, proving it's not just an "urban shoe myth"?

4. John McFadden was one of Carrie's many love interests, but he was better known by what nickname?

5. What food does Miranda demand Charlotte serve at her baby shower?

6. Mr. Big's first wife's name is

7. What's the name of the newspaper for which Carrie writes her Sex and the City column?

8. When she and Steve got back together at Brady's birthday party, Miranda was actually dating Dr. Robert Leeds, who was the doctor for which pro sports team?


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