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How Compassionate Are You Towards Others?

Questions 1 to 8 of 24

1. A happy-go-lucky person on your team has recently been looking depressed. You:

2. During a lecture, you notice that your friend is looking distracted and upset. You:

3. Just before a play, you notice that one of the actors is having a severe case of stage-fright. You:

4. One of your friends is not great at "getting" jokes. You are with him and others at a party. You:

5. A close friend doesn't seem himself lately. You:

6. You and your team made a presentation to a client. After the meeting you sense that the team appears miffed with you. You:

7. You have just learnt that one of your colleagues is to be fired. You:

8. In preparation of a charitable event, the President of the organizing committee asks you and another committee member to take up a task. The other committee member is not present at the time. You:

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