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Are You Able to Control Your Emotions?

Questions 1 to 8 of 24

1. You come across a new product at the supermarket. It looks very tempting, but is beyond your budget. You:

2. A child meets with an accident whilst crossing the road. When you hear this, your first reaction is:

3. You see something in the store which you don't immediately need, but may require in the near future. You:

4. You hear unconfirmed reports about a scandal. You:

5. A company meeting did not go too well and you end up having a showdown with someone. You:

6. A colleague whom you disliked achieves a very difficult target. You:

7. Whilst watching TV, your favorite channels go off due to a technical issue at your cable operator. You:

8. An old acquaintance at a party keeps narrating to others an incident about you from your past, but one you would rather forget. You:


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