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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Questions 1 to 8 of 24

1. Your friends ask if they can send over their kids to your place for the evening as they plan to have a date night. How would you respond?

2. A close friend stops emailing you for no apparent reason. What do you do?

3. Your friend asks you to call a plumber to fix a leak that you have been trying unsuccessfully to fix yourself the past few days. How do you respond?

4. You start losing at Tennis against the guys you used to regularly beat at the club. You tell yourself:

5. You bump into an old acquaintance at a traffic stop. He makes a sarcastic comment about the car you are driving. You:

6. You fail to win a big client whom you have been pursuing for a long time. You would:

7. The boss is looking for someone to volunteer for a particular task. You are not familiar with the task but a trusted colleague suggests you volunteer. Your response would be:

8. You try your hand at something new and fail. You would:


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