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Ready to Make the Commitment?

Questions 1 to 10 of 29

1. Is your relationship with your partner the top priority in your life?

2. When you hit a rough patch in the relationship, what is your first thought?

3. How confident are you that you and your partner can handle any future relationship conflicts that will arise?

4. Do you believe this relationship has what it takes to last a lifetime?

5. How would you generally characterize the time you spend together?

6. How would you describe the quality of the conversations you have together?

7. How many things could you list right now that you don't like about your partner?

8. If you broke up with your partner today, how would you feel?

9. When you hang out with your partner's immediate family, how do you feel?

10. If you were planning a vacation, who would you want to travel with?

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