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How Good Are Your People Skills?

Questions 1 to 8 of 18

1. You crack a joke at someone's expense. You think it was good-natured, but from the body language of the person concerned you suspect he may have been offended. You:

2. On arriving at a party you realize that you know very few people. You:

3. You come across the contact information of an old friend. You:

4. At a party you are introduced to someone who seems to be shy and is having difficulty in having a conversation with you. You:

5. A new person has just joined the office and has been assigned to work with you. You:

6. A friend calls in you in the middle of the night urgently requesting your help. You:

7. Someone is trying to explain something important, but is taking up a lot of time and not quite being able to make his point and thereby keeping you from an important task. You:

8. A colleague at work is trying to explain a complicated issue, but you can't seem to focus on what he is saying. You:

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