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The Olympic Cities Quiz

Questions 1 to 5 of 10

1. This busy European port city was nearly destroyed by a German invasion during World War I but recovered 20 months after the war's end to host the Summer Games.

2. Which city hosted the first Olympic Summer Games to be held south of the equator?

3. Located 7,400 feet above sea level, this city is by far the highest to ever be host.

4. After hosting its first Olympic games, the organizing committee for this city reconvened in 1939 and participated in every Olympic bid competition for the next 39 years. In 1984, which city joined London and Paris as the only two-time hosts?

5. This bridesmaid city lost bids to: Paris in 1924, Berlin in 1936, Tokyo in 1940, and Munich in 1972. It finally got its chance to host two decades later during the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' voyage to the Americas.


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