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How motivated are you?

Questions 1 to 8 of 24

1. You are not making much progress with a difficult job that has been assigned to you and consequently causing you much frustration. Your response would be:

2. A task which used to be fun has now turned boring as you have done it very often. You are given that task again. You would:

3. You finished a particularly difficult task before the given deadline. You would now:

4. At the office you have worked out an alternate plan for tackling a project which would save time and money. Others disagree with you. You would:

5. Midway through a huge project, you feel it is necessary to determine if your progress has been satisfactory. You would choose to:

6. You are conducting a murder investigation and are analyzing pieces of evidence that you have collected from the crime scene. You realize that some evidence is missing. Your reaction would be:

7. For a new project you have been assigned a partner whom you detest. You would:

8. Your friends call you to join them at the ball game which means leaving an important task at work unfinished for the day. Your response would be to:


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