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Your Love Ethics

Questions 1 to 7 of 7

1. You meet a nice guy who is very serious about everything, including you. You, on the other hand, aren't ready for anything serious. He asks you out. You:

2. Your doctor is kind, single, handsome - and seems attracted to you. You know that with a little effort, you could most likely get a date with him. You:

3. You meet a handsome man at the dog run who says he's in the midst of a divorce. You're completely taken with him - and his black Lab. You:

4. Your best friend's boyfriend tells you he is breaking up with your friend. He also tells you he's in love - with you! You've always harbored feelings for him too. You:

5. Your new co-worker is quite sexy - and married. He wants you but intends to stay with the missus. You aren't in the market for a real relationship anyway. You:

6. You're interested in dating more than one man. You:

7. You're divorced and meet a really great guy who excites you. The snag: He's not much older than your 19-year-old son. You:


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