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Liar or Backfire?

Questions 1 to 10 of 20

1. You are invited for a drink with colleagues after work. Which of these excuses sounds like you?

2. Say you forget to let your partner know about that drinks session. You say when you get home:

3. For him: If you have been unfaithful, what do you think would be most likely to give you away?

4. For her: If you have been unfaithful, which of these would be the biggest giveaway?

5. If you have bought yourself a present and decide not to confess, you:

6. If you meet an ex-lover for a secret reunion, you tell your partner:

7. If you tell a lie, you:

8. When you tell that lie, you:

9. Which excuse do you think you would find believable if your partner was late meeting you?

10. When you were a child, did you get off more lightly if you broke a plate and confessed, than if you hid the pieces?


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