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Your Kids or Your Mate?

Questions 1 to 7 of 7

1. You've have had ___ nights away from your four-year-old for quality romantic time with your man.

2. You and your partner have arranged a double date with your best friend and her new beau. As you're putting on your lipstick, your daughter announces that she needs your help studying for a test tomorrow. You:

3. Your son's hockey team made it to the semifinals and he wants you there to cheer him on. Your husband's family is coming in for a rare visit that same day, and your hubby really wants you to help entertain them. You:

4. It's 10:30 pm and your husband wants to make love. You're afraid the kids will hear you or walk in. You:

5. You and your husband have a special weekend planned, but then your child suddenly comes down with the flu. You:

6. Your son begs for a PlayStation; you say yes. But when your husband hears about it, he says no because of the expense. Your son is crushed and asks you to stand behind your original decision. You:

7. Which statement best describes your parenting style?


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