Name : Chris Parker
Test Taken on : 01 Jan 2004
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Chris, your IQ is 164
Where do you stand?

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What does your IQ score mean?
Genius Level (160+)
You are exceptionally brilliant with an almost off-the-chart IQ level. Such a high IQ suggests that you would score very high in all types of intelligence such as 'numerical', 'verbal', 'memory', etc. People with such an IQ generally do well in any walk of life. They constitute less than 5% of the general population....

Some famous people in the Genius bracket

Albert Einstein, Physicist, 160
Alexander Pope, Poet & writer, 180
Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft, 160
Blaise Pascal, Mathematician, 195

Albert Einstein

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How to boost your brain power

It is said that your IQ or brain power is genetically determined and cannot be changed. Studies undertaken now are proving that this might not be the case. There are ways whereby which your brain power might be increased, if not to a great extent, then atleast to an appreciable measure...

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A few more recommendations to increase brain power:

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Answers to the questions asked in the test
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  • Options in green indicate the correct answer

Which is the odd one out

You Scored : 27/30

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Report for: Chris Parker

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