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The Complete IQ Test

Questions 1 to 10 of 30

1. Car is to road as train is to

2. Which is the odd one out?

3. Which city is the odd one out?

4. A forest is to a tree as a tree is to a

5. A rancher plans to add a post between every two posts of an open-ended (straight) fence. If he currently has 10 posts in the fence, how many does he need to insert?


7. Complete the seriesEnglish, French, Hindi, Arabic

8. If you were to add all odd numbers between 1 and 11 (both inclusive), the result would be

9. Which is the odd one out?

10. When Jack, James, Jim and Jane stand by age, Jack being the youngest stands first while James brings up the rear. However, when they stand by height, Jim being the shortest stands first while James comes to the third spot. In both lines Jane remains at the second position. Who is immediately younger than James?

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