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Indiana Jones Quiz

Questions 1 to 7 of 13

1. Harrison Ford was actually a late choice for the role of Indiana Jones. Which TV actor was signed on first, and would have starred in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” if not for unbreakable obligations to his TV series?

2. Stuntman Pat Roach had the distinction of playing several notable (if non-speaking) roles in the series. Which of the following roles was not played by Roach?

3. Indy’s fear of snakes is first established in “Raiders” when he’s forced to share a plane with a large python owned by the pilot. What’s the snake’s name?

4. When we first see Gestapo agent Toht in “Raiders” as Indy gets on the plane to Nepal, he is reading Life magazine. Why is this ironic?

5. The bar in the opening sequence of “Temple of Doom” was given a tongue-in-cheek name referencing one of the characters from George Lucas’ “Star Wars” trilogy. Which character?

6. Another hidden “Star Wars” reference occurs in the “Raiders” Well of Souls scene, when Indiana finds the Ark of the Covenant. What “Star Wars” characters appear on hieroglyphs on a wall behind Indy?

7. “Temple of Doom” protagonists Indy, Willie Scott and Short Round were all named after what?

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