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Measure Your Guilty Conscience

Questions 1 to 9 of 9

1. You recommend Marrakesh to your friend. She goes on holiday and it rains all week. What's your instinctive reaction?

2. Your mum has a go at you for not seeing her often enough. What do you do?

3. Your best friend doesn't invite you to her dinner party. What's your reaction?

4. When someone accidentally pushes past you in the street, what do you say?

5. When you were little, if something precious got broken what would your parents say to you?

6. Your boss makes you late and your other half gets the hump with you. What do you say to him?

7. At a work meeting, things start to go badly for you and your work comes in for criticism from your colleagues. How you you react?

8. You go out to a local restaurant which is usually nice and calm, but there's a group of teenagers making a racket. You ask the owner:

9. Your friend lends you his car and then accuses you of scratching it.

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