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Testing English Grammar

Questions 1 to 10 of 10

1. The moral law is ______ the civil law.

2. The government has passed much new legislation to improve the _____ of the ______________ of the society.

3. The UN should move _______ and _______ to get the nuclear weapons controlled.

4. One must not go against the _______ of morality.

5. _____! What are you doing here?

6. Call it what you will, _______ or ________ is a normal component of our everyday activities.

7. Treatments primed with soothing plant ________ like camomile, guarana, licorice, etc reduce the _______ effect & help to stabilize the skin tone.

8. India is always trying to make ___ its differences with its neighboring countries.

9. Why are you frowning _____ me?

10. The traveler was craving ___ water as he was dying ___ thirst.

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