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The Enabler Quiz

Questions 1 to 6 of 11

1. You went on three dates with a great guy, and then he dropped off the face of the earth. You tell your friends you want to call him, "just for your own peace of mind." They say:

2. You're kissing your new crush -- then suddenly he stops smooching and says he has to head home. How does your crew explain his odd behavior?

3. You invite a bunch of people over to watch a big game on TV, including your latest crush. But he doesn't show up and doesn't call. Your crew tells you:

4. A guy at your local bar was totally checking you out -- but he never approached you to ask for your number. Your friends would suggest:

5. You've been dating a guy for two months, and your birthday rolls around. What do you get? Nada. No card, no call, nothing. What do your friends say?

6. You've been seeing someone for eight months, and you still feel like his booty call -- you haven't even met his friends -- and it really bothers you. What would your posse tell you to do?


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