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Boss Management

Questions 1 to 5 of 10

1. You are in charge of a new project. Due to uncertainties in the environment, it was put on hold for one week. Suddenly, your boss gives the green signal and expects you to adhere to all the previous deadlines. You:

2. You are attending a two-day in-house workshop on interpersonal skills, organized by the HR Department, which you are finding useful. Halfway through, you receive a message that your boss wants you back due to some urgent work. You:

3. As a new (and relatively - junior) member of a project team, you find a project update meeting is held every month, which you have not been asked to attend so far. This is your third month of joining the team and you are feeling left out. You:

4. When you go into your boss room for discussions, you end up waiting for long periods of time as he receives phone calls. You:

5. You have been overloaded with work for the last couple of months and are feeling very pressurized right now with pending deadlines, unanswered mail, etc. Suddenly, your boss pops in and asks you to collate some ‘urgent’ data right away. You say:


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