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Am I An Art-World Professional?

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1. You are shopping for antiques and you come across an American chest of drawers with an old, crusty finish that looks like it has never been cleaned. But you like the shape and proportions. Your restorer, Arbuckle, looks it over and says he can easily strip off the thick layers of wax and re-polish it for you. Do you take a chance, buy it and give it to Arbuckle?

2. You win first prize at a museum fund-raiser. As your prize, you may choose one of two Monet’s. The first is an unusual and rare winter scene, the only work done by Monet of a quaint village in Normandy. The other painting is one of Monet's numerous and well-known haystacks. You like them both, and you want to make a really smart investment choice. Which one do you take?

3. You have too many emeralds. Six will have to go. You go to Arkwright, a reputable local dealer, to see if he would like to buy them. He makes you a breathtaking offer for the best stone, far more than you expected. He does not want the others. Do you accept?

4. Your clever friend Capability finds a set of 12 porcelain plates for sale at the downtown antiques mall. The price is $300, about triple what they should cost. She is told the reason: There is a chance that the plates were owned by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and used in the White House. Has Capability made an interesting find?

5. A typical antique kneehole desk is constructed with seven drawers. Which drawer is likely to show the least wear?

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