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Are You a Flirt?

Questions 1 to 6 of 12

1. You're chatting with the best-looking guy you've spied in months. When he's talking, you look directly into his baby blues - without once lowering your gaze.

2. There's nothing like the presence of an attractive man to get you cracking jokes and telling your funniest stories.

3. You've just been introduced to your best friend's cousin. As you chat, you find yourself smiling a lot more than usual.

4. It's 1 a.m. and you're still talking it up at the bar with a handsome man you met several hours earlier. Although you're obsessing about how nice it would feel to touch (or be touched by) this guy, you keep your hands to yourself. You wouldn't dare give even a pat on the arm to someone you don't know.

5. You're not afraid of saying sexually suggestive things to get a reaction from someone whom you're attracted to. A little bit of titillating talk never hurt anyone.

6. You're not the type to "turn on the charm." If the conversation and laughter aren't flowing between you and a potential love interest, too bad.


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