Name : Chris Parker
Test Taken on : 15 Nov 2003
 Aptitude Report

Your Aptitude Profile
Chris, you are a Descriptive Scientist

This means that you are very good at reasoning with words and are capable of finding the right word at the right time. This is accompanied with the gift of perception which lets you 'see' abstract information and make sense of it.

During this test you were asked questions that tested you on 7 abilities which constitute a person's aptitude - Verbal, Numerical, Perceptual, Spatial, Technical, Acuity and Analytical. It was based on how you scored in each of these abilities that we concluded that your aptitude profile ideally matches that of a Descriptive Scientist...

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Your Overall Aptitude Score
  Excellent, 5%   Good, 15%
  Above Average, 30%   Average, 30%
  Below Average, 15% Poor, 5%
Your Overall Aptitude Grade :
The pie-chart on the left shows a break-up of the general population based on their Overall Aptitude Grade.
* out of a maximum of 100
About Overall Aptitude
Your Overall Aptitude Score is arrived at by combining your individual scores for all the ability sub-tests. While it is a good indicator of your general intelligence it does not reveal the specific areas where you are exceptional, above average or those where you could do with some help.
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Your Spatial Ability Score
  Excellent, 7%   Good, 20%
  Above Average, 23%   Average, 40%
  Below Average, 8%   Poor, 2%
73 *
Your Grade in this ability :
The pie-chart on the left shows a break-up of the general population based on their Spatial Ability Grade.
* out of a maximum of 100
About Spatial Ability
This is the ability which enables you to visualise a solid three-dimensional object when given limited two-dimensional information. It is the cornerstone of understanding technical drawings, layout and the relationships between objects in space.
Recommended Careers
draughtsmen, creative artists, hairdressers, photographers and designers.
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Comparison of your Abilities

Your Scores in this test
Average Score of the general population
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Interpreting your Aptitude Scores
The profile graph of your ability test results tells you two different things. First it gives you an idea of the general level of your abilities and second, an idea of your particular strengths and weaknesses.

The grades are based on a sample of people, most of whom had gained some kind of academic qualification ranging from two or three GCSEs, grade C upwards.

Bearing this in mind, think first about how these results and your profile match your attainments and experience. Do they reflect the results and qualifications you have already obtained? Are the strengths and weaknesses as you expected?

These types of test can have drawbacks. Timing has to be accurate and variations in your timing can affect your scores. Similarly, if you are timing yourself and spent a disproportionate amount of time watching the clock to make sure that you stopped on time you may not have done yourself justice.

Your test score may also vary slightly if you are feeling particularly tired or a little panicky. And, finally, this type of test does tend to penalize the slow but accurate worker who checks answers as he or she progresses. This is because no account is taken of the number of correct answers versus the number of incorrect ones.

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