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3 Smart Cubes Test: Ultimate Edition

Questions 1 to 13 of 25

1. Imagine a CUBE. This cube is somewhere in front of you. Think carefully about what you are imagining and try to notice every detail. Answer the next questions about this cube and what you see there:What is the size of the cube which you are picturing?

2. Describe the cube’s current state and position?

3. How close is the cube to you?

4. Is the cube standing still, moving about, or spinning?

5. Is the cube one solid piece, made-up of multiple parts or empty?

6. What is the consistence of the cube?

7. What is the temperature of the cube?

8. What is the cube’s weight?

9. What material is it made from?

10. Does it have any decorations on it?

11. What color is the cube?

12. What is the cube’s age and condition?

13. What do you see around this cube?


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