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Parenting Quiz 
Do you know enough about Parenting?
Your Child's Aptitude Test
Take this test to know where your child stands and get a clear idea about your child's true talents.
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Parenting Tips
Raising children can sometimes become a tedious task as there is no simple, straight-forward and a single path to raise them. The concept of perfect parent or a perfect child is just an illusion. However, things can be improved by following some guidelines which may help your children to grow up in a healthy and happy atmosphere. Here are some of them:
  • Openly display your love and affection towards your children. Make it a point to tell your children at least once everyday: "I love you, you're special to me." Shower them with hugs and kisses.

  • Whenever your children speak to you, listen to them. This enables your children to think that they mean more to you, they are more important to you and you are taking avid interest in their affairs.

  • Always protect your children and make them feel safe. They should feel extremely comfortable when they're scared. Ensure them that you have taken the steps to protect them and nothing can harm them now.

  • Regularize their meal timings and sleeping pattern. They should be made to follow a fixed schedule of getting up and doing things on time. In case of any change in schedule, inform them beforehand so that they can be mentally prepared for it.

  • Keep praising your children on a regular basis. Whenever they learn something new or do something praiseworthy, tell them that you're proud of them and very happy at their achievement.

  • Never criticize your child. If they do anything wrong, point out their mistake but don't criticize them. Explain them where they went wrong and tell them what ought to be done in that particular situation.

  • There should not be any difference between the two parents in raising their children. Both should be consistent and make the same rules for their children. This will not create confusion among your children and get the message clear and loud to them.

  • Finally, the thing which has been told several times before also: Spend more and more time with your children. Read with them, walk with them, play with them and clean the house with them. Children are always hungry to get your attention. Even if they behave badly, it is meant to grab your attention. Give them attention.

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