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IQ Does Matter - Work Upon It!
18th December 2006
By Khalid Pervez
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How many times have you considered yourself as a genius?


It doesn't sound true.

Each and every one of us sometimes or the other long to become a genius and clubbed into the same category as that of Newton and Einstein. Talking about Newton and Einstein, it is often said that they had an excellent IQ (Intelligence Quotient). How many of you have heard this term before?

Well, I believe most of you have heard about IQ. But are you aware of the different ways of measuring the IQ of an individual. In this article, I will tell you about the best possible way to measure your IQ. But let me first make you understand what we mean by the term IQ because majority of the people tend to confuse themselves between IQ and intelligence.

A person is said to have a high degree of intelligence if he or she can quickly adapt to new surroundings and act according to the immediate demands of the new situation. If that person is successful in overcoming all the hurdles and in the process acquires some specialized knowledge from which he can benefit immensely in his future, he is declared as an intelligent person by "others". I use the word others in quote because these so-called "others" may include even those persons who themselves might have failed to deliver in that particular situation. Now you guys must be scratching your heads and wondering- how can somebody certify another as an intelligent person when he himself does not possess such kind of certification?

Bingo! This is exactly what I wanted to make you people understand. Intelligence is just a relative term. It cannot be measured. On the other hand, IQ is a "measure of relative intelligence which is determined by a single or a set of standardized test." Now the question that must be rattling your minds is - Can this IQ test really determine the genius and pick out the best from the lot?
Scientifically, yes it can!

IQ test was introduced for the first time way back in 1905 in France by Alfred Binet and Theopile Simon based upon the theory that children learn to cope with difficult circumstances as they get older. They came up with this conclusion that the mental age of a person is always less than his physical age. They devised a formula and calculated the IQ based upon their formula:

IQ = Mental Age/Chronological Age X 100

This Simon-Binet test proved to be highly effective in categorizing the children into various groups based upon their IQ scores. In 1916, this test was revised into a more compatible one suited for people of all age groups by an American psychologist, Lewis Terman. Though, this Stanford-Binet intelligence scale has been revised several times based upon the latest scientific innovations and researches, the basic model of the test remains the same. Over the years, IQ tests have performed its basic function of differentiating the genius from the average.

So guys why wait to get the certificate of intelligence from "others"? Be your own judge! Take our IQ test to evaluate your intelligence.

Khalid Pervez

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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