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Alternate Personality Tests - Part I
18 May 2004
By Adriana George
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Over the past few weeks Khozaima and Shelly have been discussing with you the various personality tests on our site as well as how personality tests have found their way onto the HR corporate landscape. While I too am going to discuss personality tests with you, my talk is going to be a bit different. Yes. It's going to be on alternate personality tests.

We have all heard, seen and given the standardized personality tests. However, in addition to these there are some other personality tests which while not being commonplace are just as accurate. They are scientific and proven. Some such tests are - Handwriting Analysis & the Color Test. Inspite of these tests being accurate they are not widely used because the standardized personality tests reveal much more of the person. Nevertheless, it's enjoyable to see how certain of our everyday traits such handwriting relate to our personality.

While on the topic of alternate personality tests we must also mention fun tests. These personality tests range from fun to bizarre. For e.g. the music personality tests which find out your personality on the basis of your taste in music. Another interesting type is the food personality tests which makes a connection between your personality and the food you eat. It goes without saying that these tests are not scientifically valid. However their purpose is to entertain and this they do very well.

Over the next few days I shall be discussing with you each of these alternate tests. Till then, happy testing.

Adriana George

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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