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Investing in Personality Tests - Part III
11 May 2004
By Shelly Ray
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The past two days we discussed about how personality tests have become a permanent fixture in the recruitment efforts of corporates and the different ways in which they are applied. Today, in the last part of this series, we shall talk about where personality tests fit amongst other evaluation & selection processes at the time of recruitment.

Initially when personality tests appeared on the HR landscape, their role was pretty much marginal. Asking a job candidate to sit for a personality test was akin to asking him to fill up an application form. Today, there has been a sea change in the attitude towards personality tests and consequently in their role in the selection process.

Personality assessment that was once strictly done during interviews is now being done through personality tests. Infact due to the ease with which such tests can be administered they are now commonly being used in the very first stage of evaluation. Only if the candidates cross this hurdle are they evaluated on their aptitude, knowledge and job skills. The reasoning being that even if a candidate lacks in job skills then he can make up for these in time. However, if he does not have the right personality for the job, then he is never going to fit in.

Whilst IQ testing and evaluation based on job skills would always remain, there is no doubt that personality tests have become the primary & most important evaluation & recruitment tool for today's businesses.

Shelly Ray

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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