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Investing in Personality Tests - Part II
10 May 2004
By Shelly Ray
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Yesterday, in the first part of this series we discussed how corporates are fast realizing the value of personality tests in their recruitment efforts. Today we shall talk about how these tests are administered. There are different schools of thought on how a personality test should be applied. For e.g. some companies and HR proffessionals base their personality tests on the candidate's past work experience. They are of the strong belief that the behaviour of the candidate in previous proffessional scenarios holds the key in evaluating him.

While this type of thinking has many takers there is another school of thought which is steadily become popular. It proffesses that personality tests should instead focus on finding out the type of job that an individual would most thrive in. The propogaters of this theory feel that that this method 'looks forward' than the other type of personality tests which they feel are 'backward looking'.

Like many other things, at the end of the day each company will practise what works best for it. However, the focus of our discussion today is about the role and importance of personality tests in today's business world. Beware all those who pride themselves on their qualifications and experience. You might just be pipped to that job by someone with better personality!

Shelly Ray

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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