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Investing in Personality Tests - Part I
9 May 2004
By Shelly Ray
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Since decades now personality tests have been used as a tool for recruitment. However this has been limited to only certain types of careers such as the military, government and research organizations. It was considered that jobs in these careers were such that individual's personality would influence his performance. Hence the custom of conducting personality tests as part of the evaluation process for recruitment.

In recent years, it has emerged that personality tests may have a much wider application. Innumerable surveys have thrown light on the fact that an individual's psyche, personality and mental makeup affect his performance in just about any job. Be it a janitor, teacher, clerk, accountant, doctor. Each job has its own requirements which make it suitable for a particular personality profile and not so suitable for another.

The awareness of this has moved from surveys and researchers to actual industry. Corporate HR chiefs are beginning to appreciate the value that such tests can bring to their organization. Finding out the personality profile of job candidates before hiring them allows them to hire the right person. This prevents a bad hire and the losses that go with it such as - time, effort & money spent on training the bad hire, money spent on his salary, the ugly situation of having of firing him and the restarting the job of looking for a replacement. Infact some human resource chiefs consider it so advantageous that they are even having their existing employees go through such personality tests!

Tomorrow in Part II of this article we shall discuss how corporates administer these tests to job candidates.

Shelly Ray

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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