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How Good Are Your People Skills?
6 May 2004
By Khozaima Motiwala
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Today we are going to discuss a test which is one of the most popular in our series of personality tests - How Good Are Your People Skills? Exactly what are 'people skills'? It's those strengths which makes us inclined to or conducive to companionship with others. At the same time, it's those strengths which endear us to others.

Persons with good people skills are generally good communicators. In the workplace they would make good team members and colleagues. They may also be good managers, settling conflicts with their high interpersonal skills. On the personal side, they would enjoy long lasting relationships.

It's important to know that people skills do not exist in isolation. They are almost always accompanied by a compassionate nature. After all the ability to be in tune with others emotions is what endears us to them. However, it is necessary to note here that a compassionate individual sees the other person's perspective and then acts according to that perspective. The person with good people skills also understands the feelings of the other person but then acts in a way that would 'charm' that person.

So do you have good people skills? Let's take the test - How Good Are Your People Skills? and find out.

Khozaima Motiwala.

The author is the Chief Editor of 3SmartCubes.com
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