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Alternate Personality Tests - Part II
19 May 2004
By Adriana George
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Continuing with our discussion on alternate personality tests, today we are going to talk about the color personality tests. Since ancient times it has been believed that a person's choice of colors reflects his personality. Recent research and study has proved this theory. Although not commonly used for personality testing, it is still considered accurate.

Color personality tests are based on the theory that each color signifies a particular personality trait. For e.g.

Red signifies excitement and high energy.
Green symbolizes nature & relaxation.
Pink stands for honesty, youth and sweetness.
Blue reflects a calm and peaceful environment.
Yellow represents happiness and optimism.

The drawback of using color personality tests is that an individual's preference for color can also be affected by factors other than personality. For e.g. culture, religion, geography, upbringing, etc. For this reason color personality tests are not used for professional personality analysis.

Tomorrow I shall tell you about some really whacky personality tests.

Till then,
Adriana George

The author is an Editor with 3SmartCubes.com
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